Do you want a fantastic print job?

Do you want a fantastic high resolution print job?

Do you want a fantastic high resolution print job?

Then please stop sending your Printer low resolution artwork!

We talk a lot about high resolution artwork here at Paper Love Cards and the reason is that it produces great quality print jobs every time.

High resolution is usually a file that is 300dpi, it has been created in a design program like Adobe or Corel and its perfect for printing! Low resolution is usually under 100kb, blurry, pixelated and most likely the result of artwork created in an app or similar program. Great for onscreen use but totally useless for printing.

Printing businesses need files that are high resolution, no lines - shape outlines or cut lines, we add those when we do your artwork and pre-existing ones just make our job a little harder. Transparent files work the best too because that eliminates the shadowing that sometimes occurs when designing on an app based program - have you ever noticed a grey background.......that's the result of a poor design program.

All fonts need to be embedded too, or a font file supplied. We have hundreds of fonts stored but 90% of the time we won't have your font so our design programs will revert your text back to Arial or Times New Roman - pretty boring and ugly right?

We don't, won't, and can't accept screenshots of artwork either, they are usually under 20kb and so blurry they become unworkable.

Our goal is to provide you with nice crisp, clean, clear prints and by providing us with good quality artwork you are ensuring your print job is perfect every time.

If in doubt about your artwork quality, send an email to and we can advise on quality and steps to ensure that artwork is perfect for your needs.

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