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Thank you for choosing Paper Love Cards to help with your printing needs.  

Below you will find all the information you need for the design process of your order.  We have some basic in-house fonts that have been selected for their popularity and we also have our range of vinyl colours that are readily available.

If you are wanting something outside of our suggestions then please message us to discuss options.


Print Requirements:

Acceptable File Formats:

 PNG - Transparent with no outlines 300dpi resolution

JPEG - 300dpi resolution

Adobe Illustrator 

Corel Draw 

Adobe PDF - editable

Print Bleed:

We require an external bleed of at least 3mm (external bleed is outside of the cut line.

Internal bleed needs to be 3mm (no text or graphics within 3mm of the cut line)


Please ensure that all borders (including partial borders/strips) are at least 5mm in width and/or placed 5mm inside the trim edge on all sides. 

Please note: We do advise against using borders (including partial borders/strips) on products which are smaller than 90mm. E.g. We don’t recommend using borders on Business Cards, and small stickers.

Narrow borders, or borders placed too close to the edge of your design may result in uneven borders after printing/trimming.

Crop Marks:

We prefer to have files with no crop marks, our cutting program will add all cutting lines required and we send you an artwork proof for approval with cut lines visible so any changes can be made at that time.


We recommend using fonts at no less that 8pt, it is important to note that ultra thin fonts tend to break up into small dashes and dots or to fill in when reversed out of a solid colour.

Please ensure all fonts in your artwork are embedded. If this is not possible please ensure fonts are outlined (converted to curves).

Foiling Artwork:

All foiling artwork needs to be black - C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%


Available fonts:

Font selection


Available Vinyl Colours:


Artwork & Copy Change Information:

For every product we do there are a number of files that need to be created, these may start in a designer program tidying up your supplied artwork, to creating cutting files for our machine programs. Instead of charging enormous set up fees we have a small nominal fee that ensures your files are suitable quality and that they are stored permanently for future ordering.

Please note, this is not creating your design, it is for setting up the artwork you provide. Fees apply if we have to create a design for you from scratch.

Artwork Set Up:

1. New Customer - this fee is standard for all new customers - we open up a folder for your files and create a storage account.

2. Return Customer - New Artwork - you need to add the set up fee for this for all new items you have not previously ordered - they all require their own files and we cannot use your existing ones.

3. Repeat Order - this is for customers who have not added new products or changed their artwork in any way. We simply use the artwork on file that you paid for originally.

Copy Change:

This is charged for multiple versions of artwork for the one product. For example you have ordered a quantity of 50 (50mm) stickers but want five different fragrances - each fragrance is a 'copy change' and requires a new file.

If at any time you aren't too sure what to order, please message us and we will be only too happy to help you out.