Candles - The importance of labels and care cards

Candles - The importance of labels and care cards

The importance of labels and care cards for Candles

This morning I was reading about a candlemaker who had supplied a candle to a customer and long story short, the customer has used the candle and allegedly let it burn too long causing the container to explode and damage a bench in her home.  The customer is now wanting the bench repaired by the candlemaker who may be up for a few hundred dollars.

The candlemaker is sure her candle was labelled, but self doubt has crept in and it has raised the issue of whether everything is being done to 'warn' customers of the dangers of using candles. 

Having worked in the Insurance industry for many years I have seen what little or no coverage can do and it highlights the need for coverage of more risky products so please make sure you are protected for liability and for your own personal risk. Insurance premiums are a deductible business expense so you can factor it into your running costs if it seems a bit unaffordable and claim it back at tax time.

We all think that when using a candle it's a pretty basic thing right?  Not always!  They can only be used for a limited time, they need to be used on heat resistant surfaces, they need to be kept away from children and flammable objects, and is the container you supplied your customer actually heat resistant or is it just a pretty container filled with wax?

Lots of factors to consider and they all lead to one  If you supply your customers with warning labels, care cards, detailed packaging labels, and use candle approved containers then you have made a step in the right direction. And don't forget the Insurance!

We can help with labels, cards and stickers for really affordable pricing so please message if you need a hand with wording and sizing. 



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