Preparing your artwork for print

Preparing your artwork for print

Preparing your artwork for print

We discuss the pro's and con's of self created logos and the best resolution for your artwork.

With so many phone apps on the scene now, business owners are now able to create their own logo's easily, and in a matter of minutes have a great looking logo.

It looks great on the screen and all your friends love it, that is, until it is printed.  The font is blurry, images are pixelated and what you thought was a really great logo now looks like crap.  

In the printing industry an image has to be 300dpi or better, DPI meaning dots per inch.  The more dots the better the quality.  A graphic designer will always create a file that is higher than 300dpi, they will supply vector images and transparent .png files so that you get everything you need for print and display.  

What is wrong with my app logo you say?  Nothing, phone apps are a perfect tool if you are only using your image for social media or onscreen.  The difference in quality of resolution is quite vast to that of a print quality image as an app generated logo is usually only between 72 and 92dpi. 

The image displayed shows you the difference between resolution so just imagine your 72dpi image printed on business cards and stickers.  It won't look very good will it? If you are in doubt, print out your logo in it's original size and also an enlarged copy, this is a great visual tool to see whether your image is suitable for the application you want to use it with.

If you are comfortable with designing you can use Adobe, Corel or Inkscape - remember to save your files at 300dpi (or better).

Investing in a good quality design is the best thing you can do for your business.  We can help with logo design and put you in touch with some great branding specialists so please message if you have a query or would like a quote.


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