Clothing and Product Tags - Best option for your business

Clothing and Product Tags

Clothing and product tags are a great addition to your packaging options, they are a cheap and free way of advertising your business which allows the purchaser to reorder from you again or recommend to friends.

We have a range of really affordable tags and labels and can work with you to create something really great for your products.

Let's break down the options available:

Swing tags - when browsing through your market stall people like to be able to see a price and size quickly and easily and swing tags are a perfect way to provide that experience for your customers.  Tags come in all shapes and sizes and can be printed on both sides, and depending on the size you can include care instructions, social media links and price and size or style.

Cotton labels - these tags are 100% cotton, they are inkjet printed and come ready to cut on an A4 sheet.  They have a paper backing which is removed before application and perfect for soft toys, blankets, clutch purses, and delicate garments that are hand washed. 

We print three styles of labels - 'sew on' where they are sewn around the edges, 'folding or loop tags' where they are folded in half and ends sewn into a seam and 'iron on' which has an adhesive backing and is easily ironed on.  We also recommend a stitch around the edges to make the tag permanent.

Pro's and cons of the cotton labels are that they are not really suitable for heavily laundered clothing.  The tags are best suited for a warm hand wash, and they do have a tendency to fade or fray over time so if you are after something more permanent we can offer woven tags. If you are wanting an affordable tag though, then the cotton tags are the way to go, we can treat them as well which extends the life of the print and to stop fraying they can be folded over the same way you would manage a hem.

Woven tags - these are a great permanent tag which can be used on items that need a lot of washing.  They are a thicker tag and can be attached to the front of a garment or sewn into the neckline or seam.  We can obtain quotes for all types of woven tags in a range of sizes and colours.

Pros and cons of the woven tags are that they are a bit more expensive and most suppliers have a set minimum order quantity, this can be a bit pricey for customers just starting out.  We have a number of suppliers who can do smaller runs.  The tags can be a bit 'hard' or scratchy when placed on a neckline but for use as an external tag they are perfect.

We hope this little insight into 'tagging' your products has been helpful, you can see some of our examples of swing tags and clothing tags in our Clothing Tag collection on the website, and if you have any questions please message us to discuss how we can create something perfect for your range.





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