Square Reader - 3D Print - PLA

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We have introduced custom designed disposable 3D products such as our Square reader holders, cookie stamps and cutters made from food safe 3D print PLA filament.

The holder fits the Square reader nice and snug and comes with a slot for the power cable and a small power activation stick to enable you to turn the reader ON & OFF.

Design is slanted so that swiping and inserting cards is made easier.

There is space at the front of the holder for you to place a sticker with your business name or instructions for customers (we can provide upon request).

Perfect for your market tables or point of sale


Simply select the colour you would like and add a sticker if required.

We have three options:

1. Your business name

2. Card Instructions

3. Custom instruction or design - leave your information in the notes section of this order or email to paperlovecards@gmail.com

Label space is 3.5cm tall x 7.2cm wide

Note - these are made to order 


Insert holder into its place, it is a snug fit so you will need to push slightly to get it into the space.  Turn over the holder and insert your power cord if required, 

We have included a small stick, this has a slot of it's own and can be removed to allow you to activate the power button when needed.  It goes back into the slot for safe keeping once used.  (As this is quite a small item we would recommend placing it in a safe place during reader use or place a small piece of tape across front so that it doesn't get lost).



Square reader can be washed in warm soapy water after use or wipe down with a baby wipe or cleaning cloth.

Some designs will have small parts and are NOT suitable for use around small children - adult supervision is required

They are NOT dishwasher safe

They are NOT suitable for hot water - PLA will soften and melt, warm soapy water is best. Ensure you clean all crevices carefully to remove any dough remains.

Once you no longer require your reader holder it can be easily composted in your normal green waste - it is biodegradable.



10.7cm length and 7.2cm wide


Reader is available in white, black, pink or purple


What is PLA:

  1. It is a bioplastic derived from ingredients like corn, potato and tapioca.
  2. It is compostable, and you can throw your used cutters and stamps into a compost heap that is hot enough and it will break down into delicious humus for your plants to eat.

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