Cookie Cutter Stamp - Harry Potter Inspired Letters & Numbers

  • $2.50

This item is a Harry Potter inspired alphabet for easy stamping into fondant or dough.  Perfect for children and adults!  Sold as individual letters or as a set.

We have introduced custom designed disposable cookie stamps and cutters made from food safe 3D print PLA filament.

The cutters and stamps are designed for you to use on cookie dough and fondant, they come in a range of shapes and sizes up to 10cm in diameter.

Great for kids, professional or casual bakers!

Turn your cookies into works of art and impress clients and friends.

Whether you like hearts, flowers, numbers, names, seasonal messages, novelty characters, the options are endless.

Cutters and stamps come with 'how to use instructions, and are sealed in a reusable cellophane bag (also compostable)


Position stamp over cooled dough and press firmly so you can see an imprint. (Dough that has been refrigerated is best.)

If you make a mistake just re-roll the dough and start again.

Once happy with stamp image place cutter over design and press firmly to create the shape of your cookie.

Some of our designs will be a combined stamp and cutter to make it so much easier to use, others will be individual pieces.


Cutters and stamps can be washed in warm soapy water.

Some designs will have small parts and are NOT suitable for use around small children without adult supervision.

They are NOT dishwasher safe

They are NOT suitable for boiling hot water as PLA will soften and melt

Warm soapy water recommended.

Ensure you clean all crevices carefully to remove any dough remains, pat dry and then store in a sealed bag to keep clean.


2 inches - Capitals

2 inches - Numbers

What is PLA:

  1. It is a bioplastic derived from ingredients like corn, potato and tapioca.
  2. It is compostable, and you can throw your used cutters and stamps into a compost heap that is hot enough and it will break down into delicious humus for your plants to eat.

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