Expense Worksheet Template - Excel - 12 months 2021-2022

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Excel Expense Worksheet

It's not fancy or pretty but it's really functional for a small business to keep a record of expenses.

Instructions are all on the first sheet and we've created a tab for each month and a final summary for your end of year totals.

We've automated the boring part like calculating GST and totals so you just have to enter your cost and shipping costs and a few supplier details.

Workbook is a digital file only and cannot be copied or on-sold.

To purchase just enter the quantity in the product listing and a digital link will be sent to you.

The file has been created in the most current version of Excel and works in Microsoft 365.

If you have any problems with the file, send us a message and we can help you.

Customised worksheets are available for a small additional fee - we can add your logo and create codes for your specific products and columns.

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