CMYK & RGB Colour Profiles - What is the difference?

Posted by Robyn Holden on

Does your logo look really great onscreen and then a bit dull when printed?

That is because there are two colour profiles!!

  • RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) are the colours of light used by your monitor to display your document on-screen. Black is not listed because on-screen black is an absence of light. A mixture of red, green, and blue light produces white.
  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and "Key," or black) are the ink colors used during the printing process. The term "key" is used instead of "black" because, really, this is a mixture of the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks; the resulting "black" can be minutely different from one printing company to another.

At Paper Love Cards we print in CMYK mode so colours will be darker than what you are seeing on your screen.  

Any image you create on your computer should be created in CMYK mode.

This will ensure that the colours you see on-screen will most closely match the final printed product. If you create your document in RGB, the colours in your printed product may vary slightly: many of the bright values produced by your monitor cannot be exactly reproduced in print.

Follow this link to see a short video we have borrowed from Vistaprint about the difference, you can copy and paste into your browser.



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